Vamatco INC. was founded in 2007 with the participation of Almelek INC., which serves the sector with more than 50 years of experience. As Vamatco INC., we produce Dr. Blade with our registered trademark “BLADE MASTER” with compression forming technology for Flexographic & Rotogravure & Rotary printing machines. We are proud of being the first and only manufacturer of Dr. blades in Turkey and the nearby geography.

Blade Master Dr. blade is produced in high quality European steel. Vamatco has same quality through for every blades with compression forming technology. Our blades are wrapped in special packaging for protection and long-term storage.

Blade Master products, which have a privileged place not only in the Turkish market but also in the Overseas market, enable our customers to work in a way that ensures efficiency in production ;contributes to time and energy savings.


For our Blade Master brand, we work in such a way that we can not only explain ourselves, but also hear from our customers the definitions that describe us, such as the quality, longevity and just-in-time delivery of our products. As we say in our Motto, Vamatco A.Ş. We Produce Value, We Add Value .


We aim to increase the number of companies we serve worldwide with the quality of our Blade Master Dr. blades and the importance we give to customer satisfaction.