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Technical Service

Technical Service

Compression forming is the latest technology in the world for producing doctor blades. Our customers will always be sure of the quality of our blades, as BLADE MASTER is produced on state-of-art computer controlled production machines.

This structure helps our customers improve their printing quality, meanwhile also helps them with less blade and cylinder wear. Every BLADE MASTER produced passes through various quality control tests in our labs before being sent to our customers. Every shipment comes with a Quality Control Certificate, showing the results of the tests made. Quality Control Certificates standardize and prove our quality for each box.We provide “used blade evaluations” to our customers upon their request. Used blade evaluations performed in our labs by doctor blade specialists will help our customers analyze their blade usages, and correct any possible - doctor blade related -mistakes in their production lines.
We provide “cut to length” blades to our customers upon request. By our computerized cutting machines, our customers will not have to spend time and labor force by cutting their doctor blades to use for their printing lines. By cutting the blades to the proper holder length, we also save our customers from damaging the blades, wasting material on inaccurate cutting and also protecting them from possible injuries that may occur during cutting process.
BLADE MASTER doctor blades are sold with plastic packaging. Every blade is also wrapped with a polyethylene film for protection. Plastic packaging protects the blade better than regular cardboard packaging, and prevents the blade from turning inside the coil or misshaping. Plastic packaging is also easier to keep in stock then cardboard. The stretch film wrapped around the blade also saves the blade from rusting and oxidation, which extends the storage time of the blades longer then regular packaging.

Cold Rolled and Hardened Steel of  Blade Master

The steel used at BLADE MASTER production is specially chosen from the  best quality raw material.  All the production processes for the steel  (cold rolled, heat treatment, chemical sizing of surface and edge)  are controlled carefully. After finishing all the processes  there is a final quality control and quality license is prepared accordingly.  For the steel which is used to produce BLADE MASTER ; the quality system of DIN EN ISO 9001 is applied.

The doctor blade steels used in BLADE MASTER are characterized by:

•    Precision straightness
•    Very uniform micro structure without inhomogenities or harmful inclusions
•    Precision flatness
•    High wear resistance
•    High tensile strength and hardness
•    Precision edge finish

The doctor blade steel used in BLADE MASTER yields the following benefits: 
•    Long running time and production without interruption
•    Safe printing without cylinder damage
•    Low blade pressure required because of precision straightness
•    Reduced cylinder wear