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Advanced Edge Concepts

Advanced Edge Concepts

Advanced Edge Concepts, Inc. (AEC) was formed by Steven C. Voorhees of Skillman New Jersey USA; for the sole purpose of developing a new technology for making lamella doctor blades called Compression Forming.

AEC took over 28 years of conventional doctor blade manufacturing experience and created this latest compression technology to move the printing doctor blade into the 21st century. While the majority of lamella doctor blades are still using grinding methods developed in the 1970’s, AEC’s background includes chemical etching, electro-chemical machining, as well as grinding of lamella blades with continuing developments in the latest compression forming. The compression technologies were started in 2004 with research into the latest manufacturing methods and tools with the sole goal to improve the current doctor blade life and performance in the printing press while at the same time, provide a cost effective production method to keep blade prices competitive. 

The result of this vast research and development project in the United States has resulted in the birth of “BLADE MASTER” brand doctor blades. In partnership with the Almelek Company of Istanbul, Turkey, AEC has created an entire product line based only on compression forming technologies. This partnership, which is called “VAmatco”, is supplying an international market with the highest quality products and services available. Both Almelek Co. and Advanced Edge Concepts, Inc. have invested in vast state-of-the-art production facilities located in the Tuzla region of Istanbul Turkey, and they enjoy a large distributor network to supply BLADE MASTER to the world wide market.
If you would like to try BladeMaster or become a distributor of the worlds latest technologically advanced doctor blades, then please contact info@Vamatco.com